Bookish Instagrams You Need to be Following

Nicole shares her love of all things bookish across several different platforms, namely this Instagram account and her blog. She's even started making BookTube videos! If you like all things nerdy, beautiful composition (think a Tumblr inspired), and books upon books upon books, I would definitely suggest you check Nicole out in one of her capacities!

Although this is a relatively new bookish Instagram account, it is honestly one of my favorite. The photography features mainly literary fiction in beautiful compositions and situations. What makes this account different from all the others, however, is that each picture is accompanied by a brief and equally beautiful mini review. Or, maybe I should call them tiny because, you know, TinyBookReviews! And yes, I'm aware that my humor is painful.

If you like pictures of bookshelves, Ashley is your girl. Also the brilliant mind behind the identically named Climb The Stacks BookTube channel, Ashley mostly shares pictures of library and bookstore shelves and stacks of the books featured in her upcoming videos. My favorite part of her Instagram account, however, is the pictures she takes of the books she brings with her on her many hiking adventures.

Obviously, there are so many more book-related Instagram accounts out there; these are just some of my current favorites. Hopefully I'll be making more of these posts in the future, but I'd love your help.

What are your favorite bookish Instagram accounts?


  1. Thank you so much for featuring mine!
    feeling very honoured, especially next to the other two accounts, love both of them so much!

    1. Of course, you're welcome! Yours was actual the first Instagram account I started following purely because of its bookish content. At the time I didn't even realize there were people posting pictures of books on Instagram, so I guess I should be thanking you!