Road Trip Reads

I went on a very brief and rather impromptu road trip this weekend for a family event up in San Francisco. It's about an eight to ten hour drive on a good day, which means that I pack quite a few different things to keep me entertained. I made a video about this a few years ago but today I thought I'd share what I'm bringing with me this time.

First of all, the books! I am only going to be gone three days but, given that I can be quite the indecisive reader, I brought two of the books I recently took out of the library (and my Kindle). That might seem like overkill, especially once I talk about the rest of what I'm bringing, but that's just how I roll.

I'm also bringing along my computer because I have quite a few videos filmed that need editing. If I can find a good internet connection along the way, I won't hesitate to upload! And last but certainly not least, I've packed the seriously long outline and rough draft of my current writing project. Hopefully being stuck in the car will inspire me to make some progress!

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