Japanese Woodblock Print Workshop | Amy Vollmer

TITLE / Japanese Woodblock Print Workshop

AUTHOR / April Vollmer

PUBLISHER / Watson-Guptill Publications

DATE OF PUBLICATION / August 4, 2015

NO. OF PAGES / 249


When I first went off to college, I didn't intend to study art history. Rather, it was something I stumbled into. Convinced I wanted to minor in Fine Arts, I took the required introductory, overview course in art history and fell in love. Art history was the perfect mix of everything I loved: fine art, history, and cultural studies.

April Vollmer's Japanese Woodblock Print Workshop brings me right back to the initial wonder of my introduction to art history. A brilliantly compiled book on the traditional Japanese art of woodblock printing, mokuhanga, Vollmer mixes everything from the history surrounding woodblock prints to the step by step process of creating one of these prints for yourself. Part cultural history, part print workshop, Vollmer has created the perfect book for art lovers and Japanese culture and history enthusiasts alike.

For readers like me who are most interested in how historical setting and cultural attitudes shape how we create art, Vollmer starts off the book with an in depth look at the history of mokuhanga. She discusses everything from how mokuhanga prints cleverly navigated Japan's strict social class to its gradual development and influence on Western art starting with the French Impressionists. Combine all of this with the beautiful reproductions of actual, historically important prints and you've got a collection that most art history buffs would kill for.

The true genius of Vollmer's work, however, can be seen in the detailed guide to actually practicing mokuhanga that takes up the majority of the book. She provides a very clear, step-by-step explanation for creating mokuhanga prints that includes everything from the tools needed to the history and creation of traditional materials. To complete the workshop, Vollmer shares pieces from her own portfolio and by other contemporary artists who use this traditional printing technique to create new, modern designs.

If you are looking for a masterclass on the art of Japanese woodblock printing, look no further.

Disclaimer: I received this book as part of the Blogging for Books program in exchange for an honest review. I was not paid to review or feature this book and this review is my 100% honest opinion. This is not a sponsored post.

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