Summer Road Trip TBR

Now that we're well into July, it's time for my family's semi-annual road trip to San Francisco and thus another road trip TBR! We're only going for a week and, as usual, I'm definitely bringing too much reading material.

Spinster: Making a Life of One's Own - Kate Bolick (Broadway Books, 2015)
It's been a while since I last read any feminism-inspired literature, so when I saw this eye-catching title on the Blogging for Books website I had to request a copy. As an examination of the social and historical evolution that has led to the current record high for unmarried women, I'm hoping Spinster will combine clever analysis with the quirky sense of humor suggested by the title.

Where We Go When All We Were Is Gone - Sequoia Nagamatsu (Black Lawrence Press, 2016)
Described as a collection of "fabulist and genre-bending stories inspired by Japanese folklore, historical events, and pop culture," this is a brand new release I immediately preordered when I discovered it way back in March. If this doesn't already sound like something I will love and devour, I have already flipped through a few times and am really intrigued by the variety of structure through which all the stories are told.

The Cat Who Walked A Thousand Miles - Kij Johnson (Tor.com, 2009)
It's no secret that I love Kij Johnson's historical Japanese novel Fudoki and I have high hopes for this novella as well. All of the reviews I have seen so far have been overwhelmingly positive and I really cannot get into the mystical Japan that Johnson writes so well.

Of course, bringing my Kindle means I will also have access to the dozens of unread books living on the device already, plus the wonders of Amazon's ebook marketplace. What can I say? I just like to have options!

If you have read any of the above-mentioned reads and would like to share your thoughts with me, that is always greatly appreciated. And until I get back from my trip, happy reading!

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