On My Shelf: Poetry Edition [Vlogmas Day 4]

I'm really excited about today's video because it kind of marks a turning point in terms of my relationship with poetry. When I was younger, I never distinguished between prose fiction and poetry; they were just two different ways of telling a story. Like I mention in the video, I really lost my enthusiasm for the medium when it became just another thing to study and, unfortunately, I think this is an experience that a lot of people will relate to.

There are so many people who will tell you that you're wasting your time or rotting your brain spending time on the Internet. But I would completely reject that and say that it is through my time on the Internet in this amazing bookish community that I have discovered new interests, inspirations, and people who I can share all this with. Which is really just a grandiose, possibly overly dramatic way of saying that the Internet reintroduced me to poetry and I am so excited to further explore this new avenue of storytelling.

Richard Cabral's poetry
"Out the Box"
"Fighting Shadows"

Books Mentioned
Flower Fairies of the Spring / Cecily Mary Barton
A Light in the Attic / Shel Silverstein
Falling Up / Shel Silverstein
Robert Frost Everyman's Pocket Library Edition
The Poems of Emily Dickinson
The Penguin Book of Romantic Poetry
Song of Myself / Walt Whitman
The Palace of Contemplating Departure / Brynn Saito
Words for Empty Words for Full / Bob Hicock

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