The Keshiki Collection | Strangers Press


Are these not the most beautiful book covers you've ever seen? Behold the wonder that is the complete Keshiki set from Strangers Press, a chapbook collection translating and highlighting "eight of the most exciting writers working in Japan today."

I discovered Strangers Press a few months ago through their Twitter account. They're based in the UNESCO City of Literature Norwich and are all about publishing "the finest literature in translation." I practically jumped with joy when I saw that their current offering was all translations of new voices in Japanese fiction.

As I just received these chapbooks and haven't gotten a chance to crack them open (past admiring their French flaps, of course) yet, I can't really recommend them. However, if you love beautiful books or Japanese literature and you want the full set, I would recommend grabbing one before they are all gone!

I'm actually thinking of doing a video on the entire collection once I've actually read them all, but for now let's just admire the beauty and genius of these cover designs.

Check out the Strangers Press website | Get the full Keshiki set


  1. Hi Marisa
    thank you for the intro to those beautiful books. I was wondering if it's the same article for "Do you like beautiful books?" on Patreon.

    1. Hi Sonja, thanks for taking the time to come over here from Patreon. It is the same post! I'll be posting early sneak peaks to certain videos and posts for my patrons if you're interested.