October Wanderings

For someone who normally sleeps in and takes it pretty easy on the weekends, I had quite a bit going on last weekend. I went to a Halloween themed concert and then drove to a completely different part of the state. I'd say that counts as a busy weekend.

I've been to Kern County before, but it never ceases to amaze me that such a different landscape and such a different lifestyle exists just four hours from my Southern California home. It really just reminds me how big and diverse of a state California is and that I should be so incredibly grateful to live here.

Wishing you all a safe and fun Halloween weekend!


Creepy Reads for Halloween

Mary Shelley / Frankenstein
Nathaniel Hawthorne / Young Goodman Brown / The Birthmark / Roger Malvin's Burial
Henry James / The Turn of the Screw
Original fairy tales
Charlotte Bronte / Jane Eyre
E. B. Hudspeth / The Resurrectionist
Chuck Palaniuk / Fight Club


My Jane Austen Collection

Happy Monday, everyone! If you are reading this, then I am currently somewhere in the Mojave desert on an impromptu work trip. That unfortunately means no "new" content from me today, but I did forget to post my most recent video, My Jane Austen Collection, last week.

So here you go, a little Austen goodness to tide you over. Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!


Wild One / October Playlist

  1. Rebel / Beach Weather
  2. Wake Up / Arcade Fire
  3. Salesman At The Day Of The Parade / Rogue Wave
  4. Throw It Away / Kina Grannis
  5. On the Bus Mall / The Decemberists
  6. Mykonos / Fleet Foxes
  7. I'll Never Leave You / Rogue Wave
  8. Oh Father / Kina Grannis
  9. Wolf / Beach Weather
  10. Come Back Home / We Are The In Crowd


September Favorites


The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Daniel Pemberton / The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Soundtrack
My September Playlist / Old School




A Quick Note About #YearofMiyazaki

Happy Friday, friends!

Today I just have a quick note about my Year of Miyazaki project. As of right now, at the beginning of October, I have only watched and made a discussion video about one Studio Ghibli film. Because of all the changes that ended up happening midway through 2015, I actually kind of forgot I was doing this project. With 20 films I have yet to watch, I don't think this is a project I will be able to complete in 2015.

So I've decided to push this out to 2016, rather than canceling the whole thing. I'll still be watching all of Studio Ghibli's filmography, just not right now.

That's all I have to share for this quick update. Have a great weekend everyone!